Emergency Operations Solutions

Emergency Operation Solutions

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Our audio visual design and integration solutions deliver critical information that supports situational awareness.

Audio visual design and integration

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We have the knowledge, experience, and proven ability to build the emergency operations center (EOC) and command centers your staff rely on. We provide solutions for any market, including enterprise, federal, higher education, public safety, transportation and utilities.

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Bring a simpler and smarter approach for your meetings and collaborations with ‘Source Us’.

  • Perfect video conferencing solution Reliable, high-performing video experience for both you and your guests.
  • Multi-way collaboration Multiple Options to Meet the way you want
  • Wireless presentation Connect and display presentation material to the projector wirelessly
  • High-end quality All capable of providing high-quality video and full-featured collaboration tools.
  • Best-in-class digital flipchart Digital flipchart offers an optional wheel-based stand and tray
  • Plug & Play Remote Controlled operation as well as buttons on top.
Simple to purchase. Simple to install. Simple to meet.

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Source Us make life easy for presenters in meeting rooms and learning spaces worldwide.

Audio visual design and integration

Our audio visual design and integration solutions deliver critical information that supports situational awareness. Empower your team to manage incidents, respond to emergencies, and monitor live data streams.

Video walls for all types of control and operations centers

Our design engineers will ensure that your video walls are visible and legible from every operator seat and line of sight. Our design strategy empowers situational awareness, so your expert teams can address a variety of scenarios, including malfunctioning equipment and disaster preparedness and response.


Command center technology benefits

With technology such as video walls, transportation agencies can manage the complexities of vehicle traffic and situation rooms to see and know events as they unfold. Our solutions also empower hotels, theme parks, and sports arenas to monitor their global security.

Command and control center AV technology helps you take charge of your data from digital workplace hubs. IT operations can then optimize support processes.

Regardless of your type of space or industry, your team needs to cycle through many sources, switch feeds instantly, and analyze relevant dynamic information.

Dedicated experts help you define the use of your room, identify the information your operators need to see, and establish an ergonomically designed space

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