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Technology that creates powerful connections—and just works.

No matter what size your conference room, you demand exceptional quality—video and audio that makes it feel like you’re in the same room. Content sharing that makes collaboration possible no matter where your team is located. Technology that creates powerful connections—and just works.



Deliver dynamic keynotes and immersive multimedia presentations for large teams and whole-of-business events.

Creating the right environment for teams to meet and collaborate has never been more important. We work with you to leverage technology solutions that allow your teams to meet more effectively and improve outcomes, both locally and remotely.

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Bring a simpler and smarter approach for your meetings and collaborations with ‘Source Us’.

  • Perfect video conferencing solution Reliable, high-performing video experience for both you and your guests.
  • Multi-way collaboration Multiple Options to Meet the way you want
  • Wireless presentation Connect and display presentation material to the projector wirelessly
  • High-end quality All capable of providing high-quality video and full-featured collaboration tools.
  • Best-in-class digital flipchart Digital flipchart offers an optional wheel-based stand and tray
  • Plug & Play Remote Controlled operation as well as buttons on top.
Simple to purchase. Simple to install. Simple to meet.

What drives us

Source Us make life easy for presenters in meeting rooms and learning spaces worldwide.

Performance that's seamless

See and hear clearly, every time. Smart cameras with automatic framing and tracking ensure everyone is seen, even from the edges of the room. And those back-corner lurkers can be clearly heard as well, with remarkable audio pickup and sound innovations that remove distracting noises from your calls.


Different conference rooms have different needs. Whether it’s a bigger room that demands smart tracking cameras and multiple microphones, or collaboration rooms that just need wireless sharing and whiteboarding, Poly solutions will excel across your range of applications.



People should get great performance and consistency in every room, no matter the service or app being used. Poly solutions are designed to deliver an elevated experience in almost any cloud environment, from one-touch dialing to best-in-class voice and video.


Our automation solutions ensure that even the largest conference spaces can go live in seconds. Operation of conferences is a breeze with mobile, touch based control interfaces that allow you to run your event and tweak levels on the fly without hassles.


By leveraging the latest generation of wireless presentation and video distribution technologies, we can ensure your conference spaces are completely flexible. So users can maintain connectivity with any seating layout, and rooms can be joined or divided with ease.

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