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Smart Classroom Solution

We deploy interactive hybrid classroom and online learning solutions that keep teachers and students engaged. You’ll give students the same learning experience, whether they are on campus or attending virtual classes using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or another platform.

Hybrid Learning Solutions

Education with AV experience

Capabilities include flexible video conferencing and virtual classrooms for students, educators, and school leadership. Our design and engineering teams deliver classroom technology and ongoing support services that fit your audio visual technology budget.

We provide complete AV and UC solutions from hardware and software sales to system design, technology integration, and installation.

Active learning solutions that enable group collaboration In today’s learning environment, teaching may be on campus, online, and a hybrid of both. Ultimately, face to face connection improves student engagement no matter if classes are in-person or virtual, small or broadcast to large groups as part of distance learning.

Featured Solutions

Featured Product for Meeting rooms

Bring a simpler and smarter approach for your meetings and collaborations with ‘Source Us’.

  • Perfect video conferencing solution Reliable, high-performing video experience for both you and your guests.
  • Multi-way collaboration Multiple Options to Meet the way you want
  • Wireless presentation Connect and display presentation material to the projector wirelessly
  • High-end quality All capable of providing high-quality video and full-featured collaboration tools.
  • Best-in-class digital flipchart Digital flipchart offers an optional wheel-based stand and tray
  • Plug & Play Remote Controlled operation as well as buttons on top.
Simple to purchase. Simple to install. Simple to meet.

What drives us

Source Us make life easy for presenters in Class rooms and learning spaces worldwide.

Virtual Classroom Solution

Source Us is most affordable, innovative; technology empowered learning solution for virtual classrooms. It is an ideal solution for institutes who want to conduct lectures from one location and deliver to students across multiple locations.

We deliver group collaboration solutions including interactive and virtual classrooms, lecture capture systems, and collaboration platforms including Barco, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Meetings and Teams, and Zoom Rooms.

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Technology-enabled education

Technology-enabled education is peeping deep into the classrooms, paving a way to smart-education. The concept of smart classrooms has arrived at the forefront with the integration of advanced hardware and innovative software technology to enhance the way of teaching and to keep a check on students learning.

Our education AV experience also includes joining teams of general contractors, interior designers, and other consultants. When you work with source us

We design and install K-12 interactive classrooms, lecture capture systems, distance learning solutions, plus AV technology for auditoriums, sports fields, stadiums, and more.

Higher education hybrid learning solutions When your higher education organization is ready to deploy or upgrade audio visual, collaboration technology, and online learning solutions to deliver virtual classes, interactive on-site sessions, or a hybrid of both options, our higher education team is here to help.

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