Executive briefing centers

Executive Briefing Centers

We collaborate to develop a program just for you.

Our range of digital capture board solutions offer teams the perfect way to brainstorm. Combine the simplicity of a whiteboard marker with cloud connectivity and digital capture.


Executive Briefing Centers

The nature of today’s workplace is rapidly changing & nearly all of our clients are looking to optimise their available space. Our huddle space solutions allow small groups and teams to gather outside of the traditional meeting room to share ideas, solve problems and collaborate spontaneously.

Featured Solutions

Featured Product for Meeting rooms

Bring a simpler and smarter approach for your meetings and collaborations with ‘Source Us’.

  • Perfect video conferencing solution Reliable, high-performing video experience for both you and your guests.
  • Multi-way collaboration Multiple Options to Meet the way you want
  • Wireless presentation Connect and display presentation material to the projector wirelessly
  • High-end quality All capable of providing high-quality video and full-featured collaboration tools.
  • Best-in-class digital flipchart Digital flipchart offers an optional wheel-based stand and tray
  • Plug & Play Remote Controlled operation as well as buttons on top.
Simple to purchase. Simple to install. Simple to meet.

What drives us

Source Us make life easy for presenters in meeting rooms and learning spaces worldwide.

Wireless presentation systems

Our wireless presentation systems are tailored for informal meeting spaces, so you can just walk up, connect, and share from your laptop or device in seconds. Because you don’t need to connect messy cables, we can help you turn any space into a collaboration zone.

Being able to visualize data from multiple devices and computers simultaneously can be the key to effective collaboration. We can build a huddle space that lets you easily swap between users, without the hassle and lost time of reconnecting a shared cable.


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